As you may have guess, my name is David Marchbanks. I am a senior software engineer. When programming, I primarily develop in the following:

  • Backend
    • Golang
    • dotnet 5+
  • Frontend
    • Angular
    • Vanilla javascript
  • Database
    • MongoDB
    • Dynamo
    • SQL

I find myself to be very opinionated as a developer. I think languages that are heavy on memory or cpu should not be used as they do not scale cheaply. You can argue with me all day about memory being cheap and cost of development is high, but I would respond with that if you’re language or framework is causing bigger costs unnecessarily, then maybe you shouldn’t be paid as much. I also think python is a terrible language and hate writing it. I am open to other programming languages, but often the higher the bloat or the lack of type safety is a GIANT negative to me.

Ocassionally, I like to write small game engines or small little projects. I like seeing how to setup specific servers or workflows.

Beyond my opinions of development, I enjoy playing games in Linux and spending time with my wife and son. At the time of writing this, my son is almost 3 and have been married to my wife for almost 9 years. As I push further in my career, I have them to thank for the motivation to do so and want to set the best example I can for them. I try to stream every year to raise money for charity, I have no intention of raising money for myself with gaming (unless I wrote a game).